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Welcome to your Homewood Area Chamber of Commerce!



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HACC is a partnership of business and professional people working together to promote, strengthen and support all aspects of the business environment in the Villages of Homewood, Flossmoor, Glenwood and the surrounding communities.


The Homewood Area Chamber of Commerce is a non-for-profit, non-governmental organization of business professionals devoted to enhancing the strength of the business community. The Chamber is organized for the purposes of advancing the commercial, industrial, civic and general interest of the Villages, but not excluding, Homewood, Flossmoor, Glenwood and their trade areas. The HACC is therefore a volunteer organization representing the interest of the community. It must - reflect accurately and be responsive to the thinking of the local communities.


The HACC provides members and advocates of the business community the vehicle to use their talents and energies to accomplish collectively that which one cannot do alone. The voluntary leadership of any community must have a centralized agency. The Chamber acts as that agency.  Organization development stimulates this leadership to join as members. This sound leadership is vital to strengthen the Chamber and the communities it serves.


The HACC policy is to stimulate the free establishment of businesses, to protect the competitive nature of the enterprise system and to generally perpetuate the growth of commerce and industry by such committee action that is in good taste and keeping within the ethics of sound business practices.