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History and tradition are both very important to the residents of Glenwood. Multi-generational families choose to remain in the community. Glenwood didn’t happen overnight; history is everywhere.  It’s not some cookie-cutter town created by a developer.  It’s a real community where residents understand what’s gone on before and have a real feeling for the future.  Glenwood is the product of over 100 years of prosperous growth and development.

The early history centered around the town growing with railroad development.  The mail was received by pony express starting in 1871.  Much of the early history was closely associated with the development of the Glenwood School for Boys.  Todd Lincoln, son of Abraham Lincoln, and others founded the School in 1887.  It was originally called the “Manual Training School for Boys”, as military training was included. The school is still in existence today and is located in its original setting; however, it recently became co-ed and is now known as Glenwood School.

Our neighborhoods are a showcase of architectural styles.  Renovation of well-constructed older homes, many on large shaded lots, is on the upswing.  Well kept middle class residential areas dominate the village landscape.  Some of the newest neighborhoods include upscale developments featuring large custom homes. The village maintains neighborhood parks throughout the community providing recreational areas for residents young and old.

In Glenwood, we recognize the importance of an excellent education.  Our school system, Brookwood School District 167, partners with the community and the parents to provide a nurturing, yet academic atmosphere where the students are prepared for the challenges they will face in the world of tomorrow.  We are dedicated to providing our students with progressive classrooms, computer labs and athletic facilities that are ranked among the best in the Chicago-land area.

The Glenwood community values and enjoys quality living.  Community spirit and civic action thrive in Glenwood with the help of many organizations such as Lions, Rotary, Junior Woman’s Club, etc,. Volunteers work to better the community and help fellow residents during various community events held throughout the community. The public library houses a collection of more than just books.  It also includes cassettes, CD’s, videos and other items. Computers are available for adults and children at the library.  In addition to being an informational resource to the Village’s residents, the library is a vibrant place for young and old alike to gather.


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